Home Security Tips

Having the sanctity of your home violated by a criminal can cause emotional distress that far exceeds the financial loss.  Fortunately there are several relatively simple things you can do to protect yourself and your property.

- Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.

   Deadbolts are the only way to properly secure an exterior door.  Your standard        door knob lock does very little to keep an intruder out.  In addition to the                deadbolt, be sure to put long, 3" screws into the latch plate to secure it to a wall      stud for added strength.

- Plant "thorny" bushes around first story windows.

   Rose bushes, blackberry bushes, holly plants and other types of thorny bushes      can provide a natural deterrent to criminals looking for a quick buck.  Plant these    below all first floor windows and grow a renewable and attractive barrier to your        home.  Plus it will keep the teens in after curfew.

- Exterior Lighting

  Constantly on or at the least motion lighting will help protect the perimeter of your   home at night.  Darkness gives the criminal time to go through your vehicles and   out buildings with minimal risk.  Light it up and put the odds in your favor.

- Install a monitored alarm system in your home.

  The most expensive option but by far the most effective.  Monthly fees in the         area of $50 scare away some homeowners but having a monitored alarm,               especially with monitored smoke detectors, can save you significantly on your       homeowners insurance and will offset those cost greatly.


- Security camera's

  Security camera's are also a deterrent but the main value comes in identifying       criminals after the fact.  These days cameras are super simple to install and           video storage subscriptions are extremely affordable.  Check out products like       the ring doorbell to protect packages left on your porch and the entry into your         home.

Personal Note:

At my home I have deadbolts, thorny bushes around first floor windows, a monitored alarm system with power and cell phone backup, a full home surveillance system with a back up power source that alerts me via my phone when movement around the perimeter of my home is detected, a dog, and a ring doorbell installed on the front door. Even as a police officer, I take nothing for granted especially having seen first hand how unsettling being victimized can be. I wont let it happen to me. 

                                                         - Chief Hiatt

Other Services

Fingerprinting:  Free employment and firearms license fingerprinting is available to Elm Springs residents, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.  While not required, an appointment is recommended for faster service.  ID and proof of residency required.

Medication Disposal:  A drop box is located just inside the main entrance of city hall for disposal of unwanted prescription medications.  If you require access after hours, contact (479)444-5700 to meet with an officer.

Extra Patrol:  Citizens who will be away from their homes are encouraged to register for extra patrol.  Essentially you are letting us know you will be away and we, in turn, will keep an eye out for activity at your home during that time.  It will also give us emergency contact information should something happen.

Security Assessments:  If you have concerns about the security of your home or business, you can contact us to evaluate your premises and recommend steps you can take to minimize your exposure to theft and intrusion.  

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