​289 Jayroe Ave. / PO Box 74

Elm Springs, AR 72728

Phone: (479)248-7323

Email: clerk@elmsprings.net

Washington County District Court

Elm Springs Department

Serving the Cities of Elm Springs and Tontitown

Payments may be made in person or by mail, cash or money order only.  A drop box is located on the front of the building for after hour payments.

To pay by credit or debit card, call:


or go to:


Hon. Jeff Harper - District Judge

Hon. Terra Stephenson - District Judge

Chief Court Clerk: Audra Martin

​Deputy Court Clerk: Marisela Hackney

Deputy Court Clerk: Natalie Martinez

Elm Springs Prosecuting Attorney: Gene Franco

​Tontitown Prosecuting Attorney: Morgan Doughty

City of

Elm Springs, Arkansas


Court is held 6 times each month

1st Wednesday - Arraignments - Judge Stephenson

2nd Monday - Tontitown Trials - Judge Stephenson

2nd Wednesday - Arraignments & Elm Springs                                 Trials - Judge Stephenson

​3rd Wednesday - Arraignments - Judge Harper

4th Wednesday - Arraignments & Tontitown Trials - Judge Stephenson

**Schedule is tentative and subject to change, always contact the clerk to verify your individual court date.