City Council:

The city is divided into three wards with each ward being represented by two alderman.  Alderman are elected to two year terms.

The city council serves at the legislative branch of municipal government.  Their responsibilities include passing ordinances, as well as management and control of the city finances and property belonging to the city.

City Clerk:

The City Clerk is elected to a term of four years.  The duties of this office include maintaining records of council meetings, posting and certification of ordinances, and maintaining the finances of the city.

Ward 1 - Position 1 - Paul Fontaine

Ward 1 - Position 2 - Roberta Peters


The mayor is the principle officer of the city and ex-officio president of the council.  It's the mayor's responsibility to keep the city government running properly.  This includes enforcing city ordinances and making sure that the residents receive the maximum benefits and services for the taxes that they pay.  The Mayor has the sole authority to appoint and remove all department heads.

​​Ward 2 - Position 1 - Jeannie Burks

Ward 2 - Position 2 - Beau Brannon

Ward 3 - Position 1 - Steve Roberts

Ward 3 - Position 2 - Allan Huddleston

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City of

Elm Springs, Arkansas